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Why a Tinkle Topper

Pee is gross

Tinkle Topper was created due to our disgust of pee and all the places it goes in a bathroom, and around the house. It took one germ freak, and a lot of pondering over 4 years to create what has become the Tinkle Topper. 

Why now?  We're not sure.  People have been peeing all over bathrooms, well, since the bathroom was created.  Any guy that has stood there and pee'd in flip flops knows that at some point in the process some pee is going to end up on his feet.  Anybody with kids that has cleaned a toilet knows they get pee everywhere.  Where does that pee go? Well, obviously to the floor.  It builds up in dribs and drabs and after a few days the floor is literally covered in a fine coating of pee. 

Where does the pee go next? It gets carried throughout the house by anybody that has walked into that bathroom. Little Johnny is now playing on a carpet covered in years of pee.   Probably his own, and some of dad's too.  And uncle Billy's.  

This is far too disgusting, even for the the heartiest of people. The Tinkle Topper solves all of this. With it's pee absorbing top it literally soaks up all the pee you can throw at it.  This pee gets diverted into the bowl instead of onto your wall. It's slight overhang over the inside rim of the toilet blocks just about all the pee splashing out of the toilet that is trying to leave the party.  It's patented design even coddles those final few drops of pee that land on the edge of the bowl and ultimately onto your floor. If pee had kryptonite, it would be in the form of a Tinkle Topper. 

So no longer is your target the center of the bowl with the first part of your blast and the last few drips a crap shoot.  Now the entire toilet including the rim is a playground for urinary artistry. If a stream gets a little wild, a little too close to the edge, the Tinkle Topper will reel it in. You'll be left with a bathroom floor, and house with far less pee covering the floor. 

Keeps you pee where it is supposed to bee...

Keeps pee in the toilet where it belongs.  Not on the floor getting tracked throughout the house. Yuk.  If you hate germs, you should love the Tinkle Topper. Coming soon!

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