Protect your house from germs

Tinkle Topper mounts between your toilet seat and toilet bowl.  For the male in your family that stands to pee, it collects pee that makes contact with the toilet bowl rim, prevents splattering of pee off the rim, and reduces splashback from inside the toilet bowl.  It is easily removable for cleaning. It keeps pee where it is supposed to be, inside the toilet and not on the floor. 

It blocks pee trying to splash out

Remember the video on the home page showing all the splatter?  Here is the same toilet, same day, same everything with an early prototype Tinkle Topper on it.  The TT simply gets in the way of most of the splash and splatter trying to get out.  Plus it "catches" any pee that hits the rim on the way in that would otherwise splatter all over.  Especially bad aim on the first blast, or those last few drops.

How it Works

Very easy placement on top of the bowl.

Super easy to remove for cleaning.

The basics

Easy Mounting


Fits any standard toilet. Simply remove 2 toilet seat mounting bolts, insert Tinkle Topper base, re-attach toilet seat using original bolts.  The Tinkle Topper snaps into the base. 

Simple to Clean


A simple lifting motion separates the Tinkle Topper from the base for cleaning.  So all the pee that normally resides around your bowl and floor now mostly resides in the Tinkle Topper.  Makes cleaning a breeze!


Splatter Resistent Surface


Our patented surface is designed to stop even the strongest flows of pee, or the biggest drops from that final shake.   As long as the pee hits the toilet or the Tinkle Topper, it will end up in the bowl and not the floor.

Replaceable Scented Surface


The scented insert is user replaceable.  Just peel out the old one and pop in a new one every 60 days to keep a clean, fresh scent.

Not in the way

Where did it go?


When the toilet seat is down for those that sit, it's as if it was never there.  The Tinkle Topper rests completely under the existing toilet seat. 

No more pee splatter


Keep the pee from splattering on you, keep it off the floor, and keep a cleaner bathroom.  Say NO to pee splatter!