How TO Clean It

This is the first question always asked

The Tinkle Topper does get dirty.  That is sort of the whole point.  The Tinkle Topper collects all the pee that would normally coat the side of your toilet and floor.  So cleaning the rest of your bathroom will be easier, but you'll have one more thing to clean.  Luckily, it is self draining and made of anti-microbial plastic. So it is OK for urine droplets and residue to collect here.  Better here than on your floor to be tracked throughout the house.

The most common method our testers have used to clean it is to simply remove it from the toilet and hold it under some water, like the shower.  This is super quick and easy, takes seconds and is thorough.  

Another method to clean it is to simply wipe down the sides when you are cleaning your bathroom and pour some water into it.   

Alternatively you can grab your toilet brush, dunk it in the toilet and give the TT a fresh water wipe. 

We will offer optional replaceable inserts that are scented.  Since the TT is anti-microbial and self draining it will never smell any more than your toilet did before, but now you can even add a little scent to keep it fresh. 

The bottom line is that any pee that would get in or on the Tinkle Topper is the same pee that would have otherwise landed on the toilet rim or floor. The Tinkle Topper has now captured all of those germs and bacteria making your bathroom cleaner, and keeping urine from getting tracked through the house.