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like peeing into a cloud

Tinkle Topper is a splash and splatter mitigation device for the neanderthal in your family, young or old. When he stands to pee, the Tinkle Topper will catch any pee that hits the top of the rim from bad aim, and it will stop pee from splashing back out of the toilet.  This keeps the toilet cleaner, and prevents that nasty splatter which hits the pee'er that none of us talk about! Especially those last few shakes that fly aimlessly.  Once you have one, you'll wonder how you lived without it.


Seat Up

Fins stop splatter off the rim, and catch splashback from inside the bowl.


Seat Down

As if it is not even there. Goes unnoticed when sitting. 


This is what pee looks like splashing back out of the toilet.  If you think this is gross, you should see all the pee that splatters when you hit the rim.  

Do you have perfect aim?

We hear this a lot!  "My aim is perfect, nothing splashes out".  Well, this is a video of perfect aim.  Your bathroom floor is subjected to a barrage of splatter.  Towards the end of this video you can even see a drop fly by 4' off the ground in the top right of the frame.  This was done using an ipad camera, the low quality only shows the big drops.

Watch another on Youtube.

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