News & Updates


March 2017 - Initial research done to see if there is a demand for a device like the TInkle Topper. TUrns out lots of people pee on themselves!

November 2017 - Testing was started to find surfaces and profiles to  prevent pee from splashing off a toilet rim.

February 2018 - Various profiles printed and tested using a 3D printer

July 2018 - First full size prototypes printed and distributed to beta testers.

December 2018 - Patent application submitted

January 2019 - Product redesigned by engineering company to make ready for injection molding

- Website launched


February 2019 - New prototypes 3D printed for further testing

April 2019 - Final design

July 2019 - Launch Kickstarter Campaign

September 2019 - Begin production

October 2019 - Kickstarter Fulfillment

November 2019 - Direct sales from website